(Two months later after the adventures happened, Tommy and Chuckie have moved with their parents to Mobius from their old city home and even Sally, Amy, Cosmo, the Loonettes, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and the Loonatics got married already about a month ago. Right now, Merida's group are drawing their artwork of the Forest Spirits and their magical abilities that helped them all the time. And Tommy just returned home from his and Chuckie’s new school)

Fergus: What do you think?

Chuckie: (To Fergus) That’s a good job, Fergus. Except for one little error. (To Tommy) Tommy?

Tommy: Their armored boots are a little higher for the males and the females’ boots are lower.

Gogo: Yeah. Shorter versions for females, and longer versions for males.

(Elinor chuckled a bit)

Elinor: Silly me. My mistake.

(They chuckled a bit. Suddenly, their sensors at the monitor beeped. Realizing it’s the forest group, Tommy, Chuckie, and Merida's group turned to Elinor's group)

Judy: Looks like Ralph and the others are there.

Eddy: Well, go answer it.

(Tommy, Chuckie and Merida's group answered the monitor and answering on the screen in the tree were the main group, consisting Ralph, Leonardo, The Nerdlucks/Monstars, and Sally’ groups, Sonic’s group, and even Foghorn, Daffy, Donald, Jose, and Panchito, and also, Sonic’s group now have dragonfly-like wings and are official Forest Spirits already, which the humans know already)

Humans: Hi there!

Forest group: Hey!

Ralph: Ready for our date today?

Merida: You bet.

Hiro: It’s not polite for lovers to be late for an important date.

Duck: (Chuckles) You sound like the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland,” Hiro.

Ace: Almost, Duck.

(He gently punched him)

Duck: (Rubbing his cheek happily) Thanks, Ace.

Flik: Did you tell Elinor’s group about the date?

Merida’s group: Yep!

Forest group: Good!

Kristoff: Cannot wait to see you shrunk again for our date!

Anna: Same with us, Kristoff.

(Then later, Elinor’s group gave Merida her helmet)

Elinor: Have a good date, girls.

Tommy: Yeah! Be good!

Eddy: Mind your manners.

Ed: Don’t be rude!

Homer: That’s what Eddy meant, Ed!

Ed: I know that!

Double D: And come home tonight as promised!

Chuckie: Like they said!

Merida’s group: We will!

(Then with that, Merida’s group left happily to the direction of the Kingdom of Mobius to go on their date with Ralph’s group as Fergus, Elinor, Tommy, Chuckie, Pluto, Homer, and the Eds watched happily. For their friendship with Mobian Forest and the Kingdom of Mobius will always remain powerful)

The end

A Ferngully: The Last Rainforest/Epic (2013 Film) Parodies Studios Production

Songs playing during the end credits

I See You by Leona Lewis

Colors of the Wind End Credits Version by Vanessa Williams

Oracion’s Theme (Let’s Walk Together) by Asuca Hayashi

Light of Hope by Amy Hannam

Some Other World by Elton John

Rise Up by Beyonce

And the end!

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