(As all of the survivors recovered from the fallen Miwakuan Tree’s crash on the ground, they looked up at the remains of their once beloved and beautiful meeting grounds and fear and concern slowly turned to despair. As the Forest Spirits, the non-serious members in the jungle-forest group, and San, and even Jim and his crows, broke down crying silently, the serious members of the jungle-forest group, Serena’s group, and Cranky just looked on in calm sadness. Even from afar, Miguel and Figment’s groups watched in silent sadness. Back in the Lumber-Leveler, Xehanort’s group and their army smirked evilly at this and Iago and Zazu got silently concerned. Then Xehanort turned to his group)

Xehanort: Well done.

(Then he and Myotismon looked at Iago and Zazu)

Myotismon: Now, let’s go home.

Xehanort: You heard him.

(Then with that, the villains and their captives left in the Lumber-Leveler. Back at the ruins of the fallen Miwakuan Tree, the main group have so far found some of the Forest Spirits have already died from the destruction and are now looking for Cloud and Aerith)

Flora: Mom, Dad!

Brock: Cloud, Aerith!

(Suddenly, Chloe spotted something and got calmly devastated)

Chloe: (Voice quavering) Guys!

(They met up with her and saw what she found; Cloud and Aerith, both mortally wounded from broken wood crushing them from the impact of the destruction. They run up to them and pulled away the debris. Afterwards, Flora kneeled next to them in despair as the rest of the surviving Forest Spirits watched in concern and sadness)

Flora: (Tearfully) Mom, Dad….

(Cloud and Aerith weakly turned to the group)

Cloud: (Weakly) Flora, guys….

Aerith: (Weakly) You’re alright….

Flora: (Tearfully) Of course, we’re alright….

Silver: (Sadly) Hang in there….

(He calmly tried to heal them with his powers, but it’s not working. He and the other jungle-forest denizens tried again as tears filled their eyes and still nothing. Then Silver calmly became grave)

Silver: (Voice breaking) They’re…. Not gonna make it….

(The main group and the Forest Spirits got concerned as Flora’s eyes filled with tears of despair)

Flora: (Crying, to Silver) But we can’t let them die! (To Cloud and Aerith) Please, hang in there!

(Cloud and Aerith gently calmed them)

Aerith: (Weakly) Guys…. Don’t be sad for us forever….

Cloud: (Weakly) We’ll always be with you….

Flora: (Crying) But…!

Cloud: (Weakly) Promise us…. That you’ll avenge us….

Aerith: (Weakly) And save our home….

(Tearing up, Flora calmly gave in with the heroes)

Flora: (Crying) We promise….

(Even the main group agreed calmly and sadly. Then after Cloud and Aerith gives Flora his Buster Sword and Guard Stick and passes them down to her, Cloud and Aerith then (Sorry, Cloud and Aerith fans….) died slowly. Seeing this, the non-serious members and Serena’s group, mostly Flora, calmly cried a bit while the serious members and the Forest Spirits just hung their heads in sadness, shedding tears. Then, Serena’s group and Shadow noticed from their tear-stained eyes, Miguel and Figment’s groups from afar, seeing the whole thing in sadness and sympathy, in an apologetic way, and instead of saying something, just remained silent and recognized their sympathetic and apologetic looks. Then, feeling ashamed, Miguel’s group silently and sadly left without anyone, except Serena and Figment’s groups and Shadow, noticing. Then Figment's group followed in concern. Later, all of the survivors made a makeshift grave for Cloud, Aerith, and those who have died in the destruction and after praying silently and sadly for their departure by the Elemental Spirits of Nature, they got up and left. Once the area is empty, Miguel and Figment’s groups prayed to the grave sadly and left with Figment's group following behind in concern. Later, at Castle Miwaku, Serena’s group and Shadow finally told the main group that they saw Miguel’s group’s sympathetic looks)

Aladdin: Miguel’s group was sympathetic and apologetic?

Knuckles: Why didn’t you tell us?

(A short pause)

Serena: Because we were concerned if we did, you wouldn’t have believed us.

Shadow: That’s right.

(Seeing their honesty, the main group softened a bit, as if having a change of heart to Miguel’s group)

Yi: (Sadly) And we said some mean things to them….

Stella: (Sniffling) If we’d known they had changed their ways, we wouldn’t have left them behind.

(Ash’s group then smiled sadly a bit to Serena’s group)

Ash’s group: Thank you….

(They looked at him)

Serena’s group: For what?

Ash’s group: For telling us with Shadow.

(Serena’s group smiled a bit back at them. Then, Cranky comes in and confessed with Genie)

Cranky: Speaking of Miguel’s group, Genie, Figment's group, and I freed them.

Genie: It's true. They have repented.

(The main group nods in an understanding way)

Go: And you were gonna tell us you so-called banished them.

Genie: Good guess.

(Then he changed the subject)

Cranky: Anyway, from where Iago, Zazu, and the pod are taken, they must be in Tar Valley.

Pazu: And since it’s heavily guarded, you won’t be able to sneak past the enemy, if you’re not a skilled Forest Warrior.

Arren: Yeah. What we need is a miracle to get in there.

(Serena’s group then calmly realized something and smiled smugly)

Serena’s group: We know a miracle.

(Cranky and the group looked at them in confusion, but then seeing their smug smiles, they calmly brightened up)

Blaze: We take it you have an idea?

Olette: Something miraculous?

Lea: But what if it don't work?

(Surprised at Lea's question, the heroes felt disappointed)

Amy: "What if it don't work?" You just gotta believe in yourselves. And that's all you gotta say in a defeatist attitude? You're just gonna give up?!

Nick: Amy....

(But Amy continued her confidence speech)

Amy: (Ignoring Nick) You never gave up on anything! Especially years ago on the last time those monsters tried to destroy your home and drove the humans away! Russ and I didn't think this was all real to begin with before being shrunk down and now we're overwhelmed with belief of this place's existence and (Calmly tears up by now) didn't understand how special your powers and home are, and now that power's out, because of those monsters taking everything from you by destroying the Miwakuan Tree! And all you gotta say if "What if it don't work?!" That's giving up, and I'm not giving up!

(Calmly amazed by Amy's confidence speech, the heroes didn't say a word. Realizing she lost her temper tearfully, Amy calmed down)

Amy: (Voice breaking) Sorry. It's just that we've lost enough of everything. From Serena and her sister's mother recently, to Cloud and Aerith and a few others who just died, and now Miguel's group, even though they're thankfully not dead.

(The heroes calmly smiled, hope rejuvenated. Then Amy sniffled as she wiped a tear away and picked up a strawberry)

Amy: (Composing herself) I guess it's overwhelming me, letting this out.

Little Russ: How did it feel?

Amy: (Sniffles, all better) Emotional. (Smiles softly) Other than that.... (She bites a piece of strawberry, chews it and swallows it) It's good.

(The heroes got calmly determined in agreement as Amy took another bite of her strawberry. Later, the main group have equipped themselves with weapons, especially Flora wielding Cloud and Aerith’s Buster Sword and Guard Stick and got ready to head out to somewhere as the Forest Spirits watched them off)

Strawhat: Let’s hope Serena’s group’s idea will work!

Jim: And if not, we’re dead.

Nick: Don’t worry.

Amy: We’re certain it’ll work.

(Then Serena’s group, carrying their Keyblades on their backs like swords and their scabbards, climbed onto their birds and turned to the main group)

Serena’s group: Ready to follow us?

Main group: Yeah!

(Then with that, they flew off to their destination, which is unknown for now as the Forest Spirits watched them leave, hopeful that they’re successful. In Tar Valley, Iago and Zazu, now freed from their cocoon, are thrown in their cell with the pod by the villains, who then locked them in)

Iago: Watch it!

Zazu: If you lay a single scratch on this pod…!

Vanitas: Oh, relax. It’s not the pod that we’re hurting…. It’s you two, if you don't cooperate with us.

(Iago and Zazu got angrily concerned)

Zazu: Do you mean us?

Vanitas: What’s it to you?

Infinite: Of course, you both.

Hunter J: And besides, we’re just getting back what was taken from us.

Zazu: What do you mean?

Myotismon: Anti-Sora.

Xehanort: The youngest you murdered.

(A short pause, then Iago and Zazu laughed a bit)

Iago: Boy, have you gone around the bend?

Zazu: There’s no way the pod will make your deceased son return.

(The villains smirked evilly, confusing Iago and Zazu)

Vanitas: Oh, he will.

Mephiles: When the pod blooms in darkness outside the moonlight tonight.

Myotismon: And pretty soon, Anti-Sora will not only be the new Shaman King, but also, Vanitas will become the new King of Miwaku Jungle-Forest, when we recreate the jungle-forest after we destroy it.

(Iago and Zazu got concerned)

Iago: Oh, please! What makes you think you can come in and make the pod bloom in darkness?!

Myotismon: Because of this.

(Then he showed the missing part of the pod caring scroll, making Iago and Zazu realize)

Zazu: Oh, dear….

Iago: So, it was cut up!

Infinite: Courtesy of me sneaking in and doing it after Anti-Sora’s death!

Mephiles: So, it’s best that you make the pod bloom in darkness at the time of the full moon and remain on our “Good side.”

Hunter J: Because if you don’t, we will not hesitate to kill you.

(Then they leave as Iago and Zazu got concerned. At the entrance to Tar Valley, Zexion arrived)

Vanitas: What is it?

Zexion: I found the boy humans!

(The villains, upon hearing him say that, slowly smirked evilly, as if having a plan for them)

Myotismon: Well….

Xehanort: I think we can use their guilt as an advantage….

(Then they leave. Elsewhere in the forest, Miguel’s group were still walking glumly while Figment's group followed them in concern silently. Suddenly, something dark grabbed and quieted Figment's group and dragged them away, rustling a nearby bush. Miguel’s group heard that and looked around in suspicion)

Miguel’s group: Figment, guys?

Sky: Where are you?

(Then from behind them, Xehanort’s group and Mephiles appeared and then got their attention by speaking)

Vanitas: Well, looks like we found each other.

Hunter J: And seeing how you casted yourselves from the ones you called your friends, after they casted you out, we’re impressed.

Infinite: So, we sympathize and understand you.

Mephiles: Now, hear us out....

(Miguel’s group got angry and attacked them, but Xehanort’s group and Mephiles dodged. As that happened, the carved name-plated wood fell out of Sky’s pants pockets)

Riven: Stuff it!

Miguel: How could you understand us?!

Mephiles: Relax.

Miguel: No! You are ruining this jungle-forest and because of you, our friends hate us!

Riven: And I bet one of you made me spray paint Mephiles’ tree here (Points at Mephiles angrily) in order to free him!

(Then Mephiles snapped)

Mephiles: RELAX!!

(Miguel’s group quieted down at that shout. Then Mephiles calmed himself and spoke up along with Xehanort and his group as Sky picked up the collection of name-carved wood)

Mephiles: Just hear us out.

(Miguel’s group got suspicious, but still angry)

Andy: What is it you want to tell us?

Xehanort: All those years we thought no human would probably help us on the destruction path.

Hunter J: But seeing you and your construction team, we were wrong.

Myotismon: So what if we had Vexen here trick your team into destroying the jungle-forest for money?

Vanitas: But seeing your dedication to protect this place…. Talk about pitiful.

Hunter J: But it doesn’t have to be that way since your friends casted you out.

Mephiles: That's right.

(Miguel’s group calmly softened a bit)

Brandon: What’s your point?

Infinite: The point, being, is that we can make a difference.

Xigbar: And yes, we had been a thorn on our side to each other in the past, but now, it’s different.

Myotismon: Seeing how you are now hated by your friends, we were thinking about you and all of us….

(Xehanort holds his hand out to Miguel’s group)

Xehanort: Why not join us?

(Miguel’s group didn’t do anything, just stood there silently)

Hunter J: Together, we can make the jungle-forest a better place.

Vanitas: And we’ll be respected for who we are.

(A short pause, then Miguel’s group glared angrily, apparently not falling for this persuasion since they are now aware of how evil Xehanort’s group is)

Miguel’s group: Never!

(Xehanort’s group calmly reacted in surprise)

Miguel: You say we’ll make the jungle-forest a better place and be loved? (Scoffs) Don’t make us laugh!

Jason: Your mission is to destroy the forest and recreate it in a dark way!

Miguel’s group Yeah!

Peng: And doing all of this, that makes us even more hated!

Jin: We haves no intention of joining you at all!

Sky: Now, leave us alone!

(Silence, then Xehanort’s group calmly glared darkly and spoke up)

Myotismon: So, you wish to be alone?

Xehanort: Fine.

Vanitas: But first….

(Then Myotismon snaps his fingers, making Figment’s group reappear, much to Miguel’s group’s shock)

Miguel’s group: Figment, guys!

(Figment’s group prepared to run to them, but Mephiles and Infinite held them back like hostages, choking them in the process)

Timmy: You cowards!

(Miguel’s group was about to take action, but….)

Hunter J: Hold it!

(They stop in suspicion)

Mephiles: The wood you’re carrying. Hand them over.

Vanitas: And these guys will be free like birds.

Infinite: And if not, let’s just say they won’t see another light of day again….

(Hesitating, Miguel’s group gave in calmly and Sky handed Xehanort the wood collection)

Riven: Okay. We gave the wood to you.

Miguel: Now release them.

(Suddenly, Xehanort’s group smirked evilly at them)

Xehanort’s group: No way.

(Miguel’s group got shocked)

Vanitas: You said you wanted to be alone.

Myotismon: So, be alone!

(Suddenly, Quackerjack, despite being choked, finally bites Mephiles’ arm savagely, making him release him)

Mephiles: Ow! You…!

(Then he savagely grabbed Quackerjack and threw him into a small gorge, much Miguel and Figment’s group’s concern)

Infinite: And you will join him!

(Then he threw Figment's group into the gorge as well. Angered at their actions, Miguel’s group were about to fight when Xehanort snapped the wood collection in halves, shocking Miguel’s group. Getting angry even more, Miguel's group went at the villains, but Xehanort and Myotismon snatched them up with Myotismon's Crimson Lightning attack and Xehanort's Aeroga spell from his Keyblade and threw them into the gorge as well. As Miguel and Figment’s groups recovered slowly, Myotismon and Xehanort threw the broken wood down there and Infinite then casted a virtual barrier over the opening of the gorge with an evil smirk)

Infinite: This should hold you forever.

(Then with that, the villains left. Once alone and all recovered, Miguel and Figment’s groups climbed quickly to the top, but the barrier knocked them back upon touching it. They tried again, but again, they were knocked back. Finally, after the third try, Figment's group gave up while Miguel’s group tried again)

Bushroot: Stop it!

Figment: We can’t penetrate that!

Nabu: But we got to get out of here!

(But again, the barrier knocked Miguel’s group back down again. As they recovered, Figment's group went up to them)

Liquidator: Sorry, you guys.

Popple: But we’re trapped.

(Hearing them say that, Miguel’s group calmed down and looked up at the barrier surrounding the entire opening. Riven then picked up a nearby rock and threw at the barrier, but it didn’t deter it. Riven attempted to try again, but Sky stopped him)

Sky: Riven, stop!

Riven: We just gotta get out!

Sky: Figment's group are right!

Timmy: We’re trapped.

(Calming down, Riven gently dropped the rock as he looked in disbelief and Sky released his grip on him. Then looking at the broken wood, Miguel’s group kneeled down to them and Riven and Jin picked up each piece sadly)

Riven: Everyone’s right.

Jin: We are destructors and monsters.

(Feeling sorry for them, Miguel and Figment's groups tried to cheer them up)

Miguel: Hey, hey. Stop blaming yourselves.

Megavolt: Sure, you lied to everyone just to not hurt them, but….

Riven: Well, you both got what you wanted once the truth came out.

(Realizing that they meant not waiting to be pleased to see their faces when the truth came out, Figment's group spoke up apologetically)

Megavolt: True, we said that, but we didn’t know any of you even more.

Quackerjack: So, you just gotta put things behind ya.

(Suddenly, they felt their implants shock them a bit and got saddened)

Quackerjack: Except that.

Bushroot: For the fact we have permanent implants by your kind.

Popple: So, it’s their fault, not yours.

(But Riven and Jin remained glum. Then seeing the two starting to tear up upon looking at their broken wood, everyone got calmly concerned while Miguel teared up with the two. Then Jin, Miguel, and Riven tried to fight the urge to cry)

Riven: (Tearfully) Do you recall how beautiful Yi and the Winx Club would smile passionately…?

Group: Yeah….

Riven: (Tearfully) I could remember their giggles when we made them laugh before….

(Miguel nods in agreement as a tear or two streamed down the three's cheeks)

Miguel: (Tearfully) Prior to us getting shrunk…. (Sobs) We just wanted what’s best for this jungle-forest, back when we weren’t tree-huggers….

Jin: (Tearfully) And now…. Because of our screw-ups and lies from before…. We lost everything close to us….

(Then more tears slowly streamed down their cheeks as they calmly quivered emotionally. Then they broke down crying as they dropped their wooden pieces and buried their faces in their hands. Seeing Miguel, Jin and Riven cry, the Specialists just sadly hung their heads silently as Figment's group watched in concern, with Megavolt and Quackerjack tearing up as well)

Quackerjack: (Crying) Please stop crying guys…!

Megavolt: (Crying) Now, look what you did…!

(They broke down crying as well while the Specialists, except the crying Riven, just watched silently in concern and sadness, even to the extent of Megavolt and Quackerjack pulling their handkerchiefs out and blowing their noses and then crying on them. Then, suddenly, something glowing softly and slowly appeared, snapping the group out of their self-pitying moment and making Megavolt, Quackerjack, Miguel, Jin, and Riven stop crying slowly. Then the glow slowly materialized into a familiar figure, making them slowly realize it’s….)

Miguel and Figment’s groups: Daphne….

(Daphne nods. Then she went up to Miguel’s group as Megavolt and Quackerjack blinked their tears away)

Miguel: We thought you…?

Daphne: I am dead. But as a ghostly spirit.

(Then she changed the subject)

Daphne: Your friends don’t hate you anymore.

(Miguel’s group got confused as Miguel, Jin, and Riven blinked their tears away)

Daphne: Remember when Serena’s group and Shadow saw you feeling sorry for them from afar?

(Realizing calmly, Miguel’s group nods)

Daphne: From their noticing you, they told your other friends and they realized you have changed.

(Still feeling hopeless, Miguel and Figment’s groups hung their heads sadly)

Miguel: But how can we convince the others that didn’t know us more about that?

Daphne: Your courage. Just like from your childhood.

(Miguel’s group got confused suddenly)

Miguel’s group: Childhood?

Daphne: Yes.

(Then, while Megavolt and Quackerjack put their handkerchiefs away, she magically conjured an orb in front of them and it flashed into a flashback to when Miguel’s group were little. They were exploring Miwaku Jungle-Forest alone by their parents’ permission, back when their parents and Miguel's great grandmother, Coco, were alive. Then, they heard desperate squeaking and noticed some familiar animals as babies, mourning for their beartrap-caught mothers. Concerned for them, Young Miguel’s group quickly grabbed them and ran off. At Young Miguel's house, the animals are bottle-fed by Young Miguel's group. Then later, the animals saw Young Miguel’s group smiling at them softly, they smiled softly back at them)

Young Miguel: Be safe.

(The others nod in agreement. Then the baby animals nods and left. Then Young Miguel’s group heard their parents)

Parents: (Voice-over) Kids!

(Then they left to go home. Elsewhere in the woods, the baby animals were walking when suddenly, a cage caught them, trapping them inside. They squeaked in desperation, but then some giant human hands picked up the cage and walked away with it to a truck. Then it cuts to years later at a biology lab, when after the animals, now looking familiar, were all grown up, but with implants and some mutated, suddenly getting the words on their cage door “Lift to open latch.” The goofy dragon then unlocked the latch and the cage door opened. Then he and his group quickly make a dash for it, only to bump into a chemical beaker that splashed into their eyes, blinding them. Then, despite crashing around while flying, they blindly escape from a lab in Mount Hana and into the forest through an open window. Then we cut back to the present as Miguel and Figment’s groups watched in surprise. Then they got slowly happy)

Jin: That was the most incredible thing we ever saw!

Timmy: You said it!

Riven: Now we get it…. The baby animals we rescued that day…!

Miguel’s group: Were Figment's group as baby animals!

Megavolt: Come to think of it…! That’s right!

Liquidator: No wonder Daphne and the girls shrunk you!

Daphne: Exactly. Because I saw you save those guys from not being weaned off bottlefeeds.

Sky: But if we’d known the biology lab captured them, we would’ve saved them again.

Daphne: Don’t feel bad for that.

(Realizing what she meant by that, Miguel’s group got it)

Jason: Because they escaped, despite getting blinded.

Daphne: Only to be healed by the Winx Club's group.

Miguel: Hence why they can see again.

Quackerjack: Wow, I mean, wow!

Figment: That is incredible!

Megavolt: You know, Miguel’s group. Bitter memories never normally win friends, but it certainly influences everyone. You’re not bad for hominids.

(Miguel’s group smiled a bit. Then they and Figment's group got confident)

Miguel: Well, we’re gonna find a way out of here!

Sky: And find a hawk, so we can tame it!

Daphne: Exactly. Because….

Miguel’s group and Daphne: The hawk represents hope and redemption.

(Then after Daphne magically repaired the broken wood collection back to normal, which Sky puts back in his pants pockets and gave Miguel’s group a giant hawk saddle, she then powered up Miguel and Figment’s groups with some energy and with newfound confidence, Miguel and Figment’s groups charged at the opening again, and this time thanks to the energy along with the Fearsome Four blasting the barrer with their powers, the barrier broke, thus freeing them finally. Once back up there, Miguel and Figment’s groups turned to Daphne, who slowly started to disappear)

Daphne: Tell your friends and Bloom I said hello to you and about your discovery….

(Then she vanished. Then Miguel and Figment’s groups smiled softly)

Miguel and Figment’s groups: We will.

(Then, as nighttime approached, they ran through the jungle-forest in determination until they found a hawk’s habitat, and in his nest, was a beautiful male hawk, the same one that chased the Winx Club and Sonic’s groups before. Then, determination kicking in while Figment's group backed off, Miguel’s group charged at the hawk with the hawk saddle and jumped right onto the hawk’s back while he didn’t notice, making everything black)

Coming up: The main group arrive at the Szalinskis’ house and after Miguel and Figment's groups arrive with their hawk and reconciling with each other, they start their mission to collect some Globlin armor as part of Serena’s group’s plan, then they end up recruiting Oak, the Szalinskis, Thompsons, Quark, and Rotom’s help after getting their attention. Then they end up finding three more recruits in Homer, Lenny, and Carl when they temporally stop the Leveler and convince the three the real truth behind the upcoming deforestation and to help save Miwaku Jungle-Forest and the Kingdom of Miwaku instead of destroying it.

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