Ferngully: The Last Rainforest/Epic (2013) Parodies Studios Present….

Mobius: The Last Epic Jungle

(Everything was black until various chalk-like cave painting drawings appeared, depicting a history lesson of some sort as three voices, one male and two females, narrated)

Male voice: (Voice-over) Legend goes like this; Our world was much larger then. Equestria Forest went on forever. We Forest Spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans.

Female voice 1: (Voice-over) That’s right. Anyway, humans were our closest friends back in that day, that they helped create our natural civilization that time. Even taught us the way to take care of the forest. However, the dark opposites of our nature that opposes us, would not stand for it.

Female voice 2: (Voice-over) Yes. Anyway, the dark opposites are none other than Myotismon, his generals, and their army of Globlins. And the worst of them all, their god of destruction, was Pitch Black. They then rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down their poisons and pollution.

Male voice: (Voice-over) Equestria Forest was nearly dead from all that destruction, and all the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most of our clan believed none of them survived. While some believed they were just fairy tales, and some believed there are few who survived far away from here.

Female voice 1: (Voice-over) But thankfully, me, Squall, and Sticks were able to form an army of our own called the Forest Warriors, and with their help, call upon the Elemental Spirits of Nature, and that power helped us be able to defeat Myotismon, his clan, and Pitch. And while Myotismon and his clan were banished in a remote area called Glob Valley, Pitch, however, was thankfully imprisoned within a baobab tree we created near Mount Mysteria.

Female voice 3: (Voice-over) And after that, Equestria Forest, as well as our kingdom, the Kingdom of Equestria, was saved and everything returned to life again. But sadly, the humans, like we mentioned before, never returned.

(Then we fade from the drawings to reality in the hollow bark of a tree to reveal two adult humans with clear dragonfly-like fairy wings, one male and one female, and a female Mobian badger also with clear dragonfly-like fairy wings teaching this lesson to twelve teenage girls, with clear dragonfly-like fairy wings, and a baby male dragon. The man is a 28 year old with short brown spiky hair, blue eyes, a long healed slash-like scar across his face above his nose bridge, and wearing a white tanktop underneath a black leather jacket with white wool on the neck rim, a silver metal lion-like pendant, black leather gloves, three brown belts with a silver lion brooch attaching them on the waist, black pants, a black leather sash on his waist with white wool at the waist, and black boots, and sometimes wielded a silver metal gun-like sword. He is Squall Leonhart, the King of Equestria. The woman is a 26 year old with long shoulder-length black hair, gray blue eyes, and wearing a black cami tanktop underneath a light blue long sleeveless cloak-like jacket, blue knit gauntlet-like wristbands, a black ribbon tied around her left shoulder, a blue jean miniskirt over black zippered shorts, and black leather boots. She is Rinoa Heartilly, Squall’s wife and the Queen of Equestria. The badger with them is a female Mobian badger with orange fur, brown markings, and flat orange hair-like fur with brown markings tied in pigtails, blue eyes, a black nose, peach skin, and wearing a yellow shoulder band on her right shoulder, a beige curled bracelet on her left wrist, a sea-themed charm necklace, a beige tubetop, a brown skirt with beige patches, and beige shoes with brown patches. She is Sticks the Badger, the Shaman Queen of Equestria. The first teenage girl is a unicorn-like human with lavender skin, violet eyes, dark indigo hair with pink and purple streaks, and wearing a light blue short-sleeved shirt with a pink bowtie, a purple skirt with a pink star and five white stars, and purple and pink legwarmers with black dress shoes. She is Twilight Sparkle, the leader and bookworm of the Mane Seven. The second teenage girl is a pegasus-like human with sky-blue skin, magenta eyes, rainbow colored hair with bangs hanging in the right side of her face, and wearing a blue short-sleeved button up shirt, a white short-sleeved shirt with a rainbow lightning bolt on it, a tight fitting black biker shorts underneath a pink and white skirt, rainbow colored bracelets, matching knee socks, and light blue and white converse shoes. She is Rainbow Dash, the competitive member of the Mane Seven and the lady-in-waiting of Equestrian royalty. The third teenage girl is a pony-like human with ivory yellow skin, teal eyes, and light pink hair, which was held in a butterfly hair clip, wearing a white tanktop, a grass-green skirt with three white and pink butterflies on it, a pink skirt lace with white polka dots, matching knee-high socks, and grass-green boots with white frills on them. She is Fluttershy, the shy voice of reason of the Mane Seven, the Princess of Equestria, Squall and Rinoa's daughter, and Sticks' cousin. The fourth teenage girl is an earth pony-like human with a brown cowboy hat, tan skin with white freckles on her face, green eyes, tied up blonde hair, a Southern-accent, and wearing a white and green short-sleeved shirt, a brown belt with a red apple, a blue denim miniskirt with two pockets and a light blue skirt lace, and brown boots with three apples on each of them. She is Applejack, the tomboy of the Mane Seven. The fifth teenage girl is a pony-like human with pure white skin, dark blue eyes, royal purple hair which is combed in wavy curls most of the time, a Mid-Atlantic accent, and wearing a short-sleeved pale blue shirt, two gold bracelets, a lilac skirt with blue and violet accents and three cyan diamonds on it, a blue triple-diamond barette, a violet designer belt and lilac boots with cyan diamonds on them. She is Rarity, the beauty queen of the Mane Seven. The sixth teenage girl is a pony-like human with pale pink skin, light blue eyes, curly magenta hair, and wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with a pink heart on it, a blue long-sleeved jacket, two matching bracelets, a pink skirt with two blue balloons and a yellow balloon on it, and blue boots with pink bows on them. She is Pinkie Pie, the hyperactive member of the Mane Seven. The seventh teenage girl is a pony-like human with light amber skin, cyan eyes, red hair with yellow streaks, and wearing a magenta halter shirt with a red and yellow sun on it and a black halterneck strap on her neck, and orange skirt with a yellow stripe and a purple stripe on it, black wristbands with magenta studs on each of them, and black boots with magenta flame markings on them. She is Sunset Shimmer, the Mane Seven's newest member and best friend and Sticks' protégé on becoming the future Shaman Queen of Equestria. The eighth teenage girl has pale apple green skin, long, curly, luminous orange hair with brilliant yellow streaks, and brilliant raspberry eyes, wearing a lilac blouse with short, puffy sleeves, matching opera gloves, lavender stockings with purple triangles on them. She is Adagio Dazzle, the leader of the Dazzlings. The ninth teenage girl has light purple skin, long purple hair with blue strands, and purple eyes, wearing a blue sleeveless vest with the sleeve rims ripped, a white tank top underneath, a red gem necklace, three purple wristbands on her arms, purple criss-cross belt with a white star-shaped buckle, violet pants with glitter pockets, and knee-high dark purple boots. She is Aria Blaze. The tenth teenage girl has pale purple skin, long purple hair with light blue strands, and gray blue eyes, wearing a pink hat with white star symbols, a blue short-sleeved shirt with short, puffy sleeves and purple sleeve rims, a dark blue sleeveless vest, a navy blue wrist on her left wrist, blue jeans with hole designs, and black high heeled boots. She is Starlight Glimmer. The eleventh teenage girl has pale blue skin, long light blue hair with dark blue strands, and purple eyes, wearing a microphone-themed scrunchie in her hair, a red gem choker, a purple jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a pink skirt, light pink knee-high socks, and pink knee-high converse shoes. She is Sonata Dusk. And the last girl is a teenage girl with light blue skin, long pale blue hair with light blue strands, and purple eyes, wearing a blue jacket, a purple short-sleeved dress with yellow rims and blue lining around the skirt, and blue knee-high boots with purple rims. She is Trixie. The dragon with them is a baby male with purple scales, green eyes, and light green horns and underbelly. He is Spike, Twilight Sparkle’s assistant and the Mane Seven and Dazzlings’ best friend. The twelve girls and dragon, however, while paying attention, were looking out at the forest as Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks continued)

Squall: This is why this is really important for you thirteen to learn about this and understand how to use these kind of powers in the future.

Rinoa: Squall’s right. Neither of us nor Sticks won’t be around forever.

Sticks: And you have to….

(They then noticed the thirteen’s distracted behavior)

Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks: Girls? Spike?

(Spike and the girls turned to them upon hearing them)

Spike and girls: Yes?

Rinoa: This is why this is important for you to pay attention.

Squall: Especially when it is important to learn this lesson in case something bad were….

(But Spike and the girls looked out again while paying attention)

Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks: Girls! Spike!

(Hearing them again, Spike and the girls snapped out of their distracted behavior and got up)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, yes! The whole legend you taught us for the fourth time.

Rainbow Dash: We know that already!

Pinkie Pie: Don’t freak out!

Rarity: Besides, we memorized that lesson since the last three times you told us that story.

Fluttershy: And just now.

Applejack: And we don’t have to worry now, that was long ago when the legend happened.

Sunset Shimmer: The way you three banished those bad guys in Glob Valley and imprisoned Pitch in that tree.

Aria: Despite that it’s a bummer that the humans are gone.

(Hearing those words, Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks slowly smiled softly and proudly)

Squall: Then I guess you understand the lessons then.

Rinoa: Good job memorizing it.

Sticks: And as a reward for paying attention, the lesson is done and dismissed.

Squall and Rinoa: (Nods) Yep.

(Spike and the girls got happy)

Spike: Thank you, you’re majesties!

Adagio: You’re the best!

Sticks: And re….

Trixie: And we know what you’re gonna say.

Spike and girls: Report any suspicious activity going on in the forest.

Sticks: Yes!

Squall: Exactly.

Spike and girls: Okay, bye!

Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks: Bye.

(Then with that, while Johnny Clegg’s “Life is a Magic Thing” plays in the background, Spike and the girls flew out and zipped around the forest happily, giggling and then hearing a set of pan pipes playing nearby. They turned and saw seventeen Mobian animals, one of them playing the pan pipes, a frog, a Chao, and a robot fly up to them with clear dragonfly-like fairy wings of their own, except the robot, who has a hoverjet and the Chao who has pink tiny angel-like wings. The first Mobian is a male hedgehog with blue fur, peach skin, green eyes, a black nose, blue spiky quills, and wearing white gloves, and red and white shoes with a yellow buckle. He is Sonic the Hedgehog. The second Mobian is a male two-tailed fox with gold yellow fur, white fur patches, blue eyes, a black nose, and wearing white gloves and red and white shoes. He is Miles “Tails” Prower. The third Mobian is a male echidna with red fur, long red dreadlock-like quills, a white crescent moon symbol on his chest, peach skin, a black nose, purple eyes, and wearing white gloves with two spikes on the knuckles, and red and yellow shoes with green ankle rims. He is Knuckles the Echidna, the one playing the pan pipes. The fourth Mobian is a male strict and brood-looking hedgehog with black fur, red markings all over his body, black curved spiky quills with red markings, tan skin, red eyes, a black nose, a white wing-shaped patch of fur on his chest, and wearing white gloves with red rims and gold ring bracelets, and white hover shoes with red, yellow and black rims. He is Shadow the Hedgehog. The fifth Mobian is a psychokinetic male hedgehog with silver white fur, tan skin, gold eyes, a black nose, silver white wavy spiky quills, a white patch of fur on his chest, and wearing white gloves with gold rims and aqua blue light-up linings on his palms, and rims, and white boots with black and aqua blue markings, gold ankle rims with a pink gem, and an aqua blue light-up lining on the ankle rims. He is Silver the Hedgehog. The sixth Mobian is a big and chubby male cat with purple fur, yellow eyes, a black nose, dark purple stripes, white patches of fur, and wearing an orange belt with a yellow buckle, light orange gloves, and royal blue boots with orange rims, and sometimes carried a fishing pole.  He is Big the Cat. The frog is a male frog with green skin, dark green lines, light green underbelly, and yellow eyes. He is Froggy, Big the Cat's best friend. The seventh Mobian is a strict-looking male chameleon with purple scales, peach skin, a yellow horn on his forehead, yellow eyes, black small spikes on his back, and wearing white gloves with purple diamond-shaped symbols on them, black wristband-like containers containing ninja stars, black ankle gauntlets with white wrappings, and purple shoes with black rims. He is Espio the Chameleon, a member of Team Chaotix. The eighth Mobian is a male crocodile with green scales, a green and light yellow crocodile beak and light yellow underbelly, orange eyes, red block-like spikes on his back and tail, light green arms, and wearing black headphones on his head, a gold chain necklace, black shoulder rims, white gloves with black rims with a yellow lining and buckle, and black shoes with white and yellow linings. He is Vector the Crocodile, another member of Team Chaotix. The ninth Mobian is a male bumblebee with black and peach skin, a black and yellow striped striped rear and antennae, yellow eyes, a black nose, clear blue bee wings, a white stinger, and wearing a black aviator helmet with a red rim and with orange and black goggles, white gloves with black rims, an orange zip-up sleeveless shirt with black shoulder rims, a white neck rim, and a yellow bumblebee symbol on the side, black pants, and orange and white shoes. He is Charmy Bee, the last member of Team Chaotix. The tenth Mobian is a female pink hedgehog with short pink hair-like quills, peach skin, a black nose, green eyes, and wearing a red hairband, a red sleeveless back-exposed turtleneck dress with a white neck and skirt rim, white gloves with yellow rims, and red and white boots. She is Amy Rose. The eleventh Mobian is a female plant-like creature with light green skin, green hair with fuchsia almost-budding roses on each side, aqua blue eyes, and wearing a green long-sleeved dress with a white, petal-like skirt with green tips at the ends, white stockings, and green ballet slippers. She is Cosmo the Seedrian. The twelfth Mobian is a female echidna with orange fur, orange braids with white bandages, peach skin, green eyes, and wearing a gold headband, a matching necklace and armband on her right shoulder, a white bandana tied on her left arm, a white cropped tanktop, white gloves with cobalt blue rims, a yellow tribal skirt with beige, green, and red triangular patterns, and white sandals. She is Tikal. The thirteenth Mobian is a female bat with white fur, tan skin, black bat wings, blue eyeshadow, dark aqua blue eyes, a black nose, and wearing a black tubetop-like sleeveless jumpsuit, a pink heart-shaped brooch, white arm gloves with pink rims, and white high-heeled boots with pink rims and pink heart symbols at the feet. She is Rouge the Bat. The fourteenth Mobian is a pyrokinetic female cat with light purple fur, spiky light purple quills with purple tips tied in a ponytail, white patches on her muzzle, a black nose, a tiny oval-shaped red gem on the forehead, gold eyes, a purple tip on her tail, and wearing a purple long-sleeved dress-like/jacket-like shirt with a gold neck rim, pink skirt rim, white pants, white sleeve rim ruffles on her wrists and ankles, and pink high-heeled shoes with white rims. She is Blaze the Cat. The fifteenth Mobian is a female rabbit with light orange fur, orange markings on her head, eyes, and ear tips, a black nose, white skin, dark orange eyes, and wearing an orange sleeveless dress with a white Peter Pan collar, a blue ribbon on her neck collar, white gloves with a yellow cufflink, white socks, and orange and yellow shoes. She is Cream the Rabbit. The Chao is a male Chao with blue skin, yellow markings and a yellow ball floating above his teardrop-shaped head, royal blue eyes, small pink angel-like wings, and wearing a red bowtie. He is Cheese the Chao, Cream's best friend. The sixteenth Mobian is a male 16 year old wolf with red fur, peach-colored skin, blue eyes, and wearing a pair of brown aviator goggles on his light brown newsboy hat, a black tanktop, a brown sleeveless vest, white gloves, dark blue shorts, white socks, and brown cargo boots. He is Max the Wolf. And the last Mobian is a female 15 year old wolf with white pink fur, light peach-colored skin, light blue eyes, and wearing a purple tanktop, white fingerless gloves, blue shorts, white socks, and red low-heeled boots. She is Kayla the Wolf. And the robot is red, black, silver, and yellow armored with a green gem on his belly and toes, red electronic eyes, and a red omega symbol on his left shoulder. He is E-123 Omega. After noticing each other, they greeted each other)

Groups: Hey!

(Knuckles then played on his pan pipes some more until Pinkie Pie blocked the pipes’ end with a couple of small flowers, making Knuckles stop in annoyance, despite Tikal and the groups chuckling a bit)

Knuckles: My friends and I can tell you were dismissed from class for an A+ again.

Sonata: Yep. We got congratulated.

Sonic: So, wanna race?

Rainbow Dash: You’re on!

(Then they raced around the forest, happily passing by a bunch of animals, big, medium, and small, hanging around and doing their activities. Then after arriving to a flying squirrel sitting on a tree branch about to eat a raspberry, Vector snatched the berry and was about to eat it when Pinkie Pie and Charmy playfully shoved the berry in Vector’s face, making him drop the damaged berry in the flying squirrel’s paws again. Vector glared a bit, but shrugged and they resumed racing again. Then they zipped by a bunch of kids riding on beetles and eating blueberries. The first kid is a 12 year old boy with yellow skin, black stubby hair strands on the top of his head, a black unibrow, and is wearing a red and white striped shirt underneath his green jacket, blue pants, white socks, and black shoes. He is Ed. The second kid is a 12 year old boy with black stringed hair tucked underneath his black sockhat with white lines, a gap in the middle of his top teeth, and is wearing a red orange shirt, purple shorts, red socks, and blue shoes. He is Edd, or Double D by his friends. The third kid is a 12 year old boy with three long black hair strands sticking out, light pink skin, and is wearing a yellow bowling shirt with purple rims, a white collar rim button, and a red horizontal stripe, blue pants with a white fuzzy dice string sticking out of his pocket, white socks, and red shoes. He is Eddy. The fourth kid is a peach-skinned 12-year-old boy with three long strands of orange hair similar to Eddy or Double D's, and wearing a long-sleeved lime green shirt, black shorts, a red baseball cap with a black bill, white socks, and black shoes. He is Kevin. The fifth kid is a brown-skinned 12-year-old boy with short dark blue hair, and wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a red stripe around the torso, light blue jean pants, and red and cream shoes. He is Rolf. The sixth kid is a fair-skinned 8-year-old boy with curly hair the same color as his skin on the top of his head, and is wearing a cyan long-sleeved sweater, white pants, a black belt, dark brown shoes with black soles, and a brace ring. He is Jimmy. The seventh kid is a 4-year-old girl with short ginger neck-length hair, light pink lips, and is wearing a pink tanktop, light blue jean pants, and fuchsia shoes with bumpy dark gray soles. She is Sarah, Ed’s little sister. The eighth kid is a 12-year-old girl with short blonde chin-length hair, red lips, and wearing a black short-sleeved shirt underneath a white tanktop, indigo pants with white cuffs, and black shoes with white soles. She is Nazz. And the last kid is an 8 year old boy with brown skin similar to Rolf's, a bald head with many bristles of black hair, and is wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, dark blue jean pants, and black sandals with white straps. He is Jonny 2x4. The wooden board is a beige plank of wood with red eyes and a blue mouth and pupils that have been drawn on with crayon. He is Plank, Jonny's best friend. After the group zipped by, the Peach Creek kids noticed them having fun and joined in too. After zipping around the forest some more while the background song faded away, the Mane Seven and Sonic’s groups then flew up towards the canopy, much to the Peach Creek kids’ shock and concern)

Nazz: Wait! Stop!

Jonny: That’s the canopy!

(But the two groups ignored the Peach Creek kids and flew up there anyway. Up above the canopy, Sonic’s group realize where they are and Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow spoke up)

Sonic: Whoa! We’re above the canopy!

Knuckles: Come on!

Shadow: We need…!

(They noticed Spike and the girls looking around in curiosity)

Sonic’s group: What is it?

(They looked around as well and then noticed from afar a black looking cloud starting at the foot of Mount Mysteria. The two groups silently stared in confusion at the cloud until Cream broke the silence)

Cream: What is that black cloud?

Espio: Not sure.

Twilight Sparkle: Maybe Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks might know about it.

(Just below the canopy, the Peach Creek kids got concerned even more upon seeing a hawk approach the two groups above)

Rolf: Uh-oh! Is everyone seeing what Rolf's seeing now?

Double D: A hawk is coming! Not good!

Ed: Guys! Hawk!

(Hearing them, the two groups then looked around and then gasped upon seeing the hawk swoop down at them. They dove back below the canopy and they hid themselves along with the Peach Creek kids in a tree out of the hawk’s view until the hawk was gone. The Peach Creek kids then glared at the two groups)

Kevin: Are you crazy going above the canopy?!

Jonny: (To the two groups) We were almost hawk fodder! (To Plank) What’s that, Plank?

(He listens and then translated)

Jonny: Plank says “We got lucky this time, but don’t do it again!”

(Then the Mane Seven and Sonic’s groups remembered their decisions to consult Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks)

Starlight: Come on! Let’s go tell Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks.

Eddy: (Confused) Tell Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks what?

(But instead of answering, the Mane Seven and Sonic’s groups just left)

Sarah: Wait!

Double D: What did you see…?! Out there?

(The Peach Creek kids then looked at each other in confusion, but then shrugged and flew away as well. Elsewhere in the forest, some flying figures, three of them dark and the others colorful, zipped by in the air. On the ground looking around for the figures was a human man wearing a helmet with an electronic magnifying glass attached to it. He is a 29 year old man with short black hair, and wearing a white long-sleeved shirt underneath a white lab suit, a black tie, black pants, and black shoes. He is Professor Utonium. He then noticed the flying figures darting around in the air as if fighting each other. Utonium chased after them while looking up at them, but then tripped and fell on the ground by a tree root. Then an object fell from one of the figures and landed on the ground in front of Utonium. He picked it up in curiosity and took a closer look. It appeared to be a piece of shoulder armor of some kind made from a natural metal mineral. He looked up again and after shrugging, he walked away to go somewhere with the armor he found. Back above the ground, the three dark figures were revealed to be a same species of black tar-like goblins literally made of oil and pollution. They are the Globlins, the monsters of destruction and pollution that attempted to destroy Equestria Forest many years ago according to the legend. They then fired poison arrows at a group of six colorful dragonfly-like fairy winged male figures. The first boy is a 15 year old with who has dirty blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a black and white short-sleeved jacket with silver shoulder plates over his black, white, red, blue, and yellow jumpsuit with shorts, a silver crown necklace on a silver chain, black and white strapped fingerless gloves, and big black, white, and yellow shoes. He is Sora. The second boy is a 16 year old with short silver hair and aqua green eyes and is wearing a black tank top underneath a sleeveless yellow and white jacket, white wristbands, blue pants, and silver, black, and blue shoes. He is Riku, Sora’s older brother. The third boy is a 14 year old with short curved spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a black zipped up tanktop underneath a white short-sleeved jacket with a red interior, black and gray pants, and black, gray, and red shoes. He is Roxas, Sora’s twin brother. The fourth boy is a doll-like 5 year old with long orange spiky hair, red eyes, and wearing a red baseball cap worn backwards, a red long-sleeved shirt with a black lining around the torso, black pants, and black and white shoes. He is Brick, the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. The fifth boy is a doll-like 5 year old with short spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt with a black lining around the torso, black pants, and black and white shoes. He is Boomer, the somewhat cute member of the Rowdyruff Boys, who is sometimes treated as a punching bag for Brick when he sometimes fall out of line. And the last boy is a doll-like 5 year old with short spiky black hair, dark green eyes, and wearing a dark green long-sleeved shirt with a black lining around the torso, black pants, and black and white shoes. He is Butch, the hyperactive member of the Rowdyruff Boys. The six dodged the arrows and then leapt around tree branches and leaves to avoid getting killed, even to the extent of attacking the Globlins with Sora, Riku, and Roxas’ Keyblades and the Rowdyruff Boys’ punches and kicks. After reaching another tree, Sora’s group panted in exhaustion and just when they think it’s all fine, the Globlins appeared and attacked again. They get away by running this time, even dodging more poison arrows. One poison arrow struck part of a tree branch, growing a bit of black rotten burls. As Sora’s group ran and then flew, nine more colorful figures with clear dragonfly-like wings appeared and flew next to them. They are the Forest Warriors. The first Forest Warrior is a 26 year old man with short blonde spiky hair, aqua green eyes, and wearing a dark purple sleeveless turtleneck jumpsuit, a silver metal bulky shoulder plate on his left shoulder, brown leather suspenders, a thick leather brown belt. brown fingerless leather gloves with metal gauntlet-like wristbands, and black boots, and sometimes wielded a huge thick bladed sword. He is Cloud Strife, the captain of the Forest Warriors and Sora, Riku, and Roxas’ father. The second Forest Warrior is a 31 year old black muscular man with short black crewcut-like hair that resembled Mr. T from "The A-Team," a black thin beard, brown eyes, a black lined burning skull tattoo on his left shoulder, three old scratch scars on the bottom of his right cheek, and wearing a brown leather sleeveless ripped vest, a silver dog-tag necklace, a silver ringed earring on his left ear, a metal band around his waist, a black army belt, dark green cargo pants, brown boots, a black fingerless glove on his left hand with a metal wristband on his left wrist, and a mechanical right hand that automatically changes into a machine gun when in combat. He is Barret Wallace, the general of the Forest Warriors. The third Forest Warrior is a 25 year old woman with long black hair tied in a dolphin tail, red eyes, and wearing white dangly earrings, a white cropped tanktop, black arm bands, red fingerless gloves, black suspenders over her white tanktop, a black belt, a black mini-skirt, black socks, and red boots. She is Tifa Lockhart, Barret’s wife and partner. The fourth Forest Warrior is a woman who is the same age as Tifa with long light brown hair tied in a braid by a big red hair ribbon, green eyes, and is wearing a red short-sleeved jacket over a pink sleeveless zipped-up dress, gold bracelets, a black stringed choker, and brown boots, and sometimes wielded a rod. She is Aerith Gainsborough, Cloud’s wife and Sora, Riku, and Roxas’ mother. The fifth Forest Warrior is a red orange furred talking creature that is a mixture of a wolf and a lion with dark red fur ruffs on his upper back, the back of his neck, and a dark red spiky mohawk, and dark red fur strands tied in braids on each side of his head, yellow eyes, black tattoo patterned ringed markings on his upper legs, a black Roman number 13 tattoo on his left shoulder, and wearing two silver ringed earrings on his right pointy wolf-like ear, two white and brown Native American-like feathers tied on his dark red fur on his head, beige silver wristbands on his ankles, and a harmless flame tip on his lion-like tail that gives him fire breath powers. He is Red XIII, or Nanaki by his real name. The sixth Forest Warrior is a 14 year old girl with short black hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a black and white bandana around the forehead, a green turtleneck cropped tanktop, orange fingerless gloves with netting-designed arm gloves, a right silver shoulder plate with a green cloth hanging from the orange button over a beige sleeved cloth over her right arm and hand, beige shorts, netting-designed stocking attached to silver suspenders on the right leg, beige long socks, and orange shoes, and sometimes wielded a huge silver shuriken. She is Yuffie Kisaragi. The seventh Forest Warrior is a dark blue and white-furred cat with closed chibi eyes, a Scottish brogue, and wearing a red cape, white gloves, and a gold crown, and sometimes wielded a powerful blast-creating magic megaphone. He is Cait Sith. The eighth Forest Warrior is a 20 year old man with long shoulder length black hair, yellow eyes, and wearing a red bandana on his forehead, black short-sleeved jumpsuit underneath a red cloak, black and brown fingerless gloves, a gold armored arm gauntlet on his left arm, and brown knee-high leg boots with gold armor, and sometimes wielded a silver pistol. He is Vincent Valentine, Yuffie’s husband. And the last Forest Warrior is a 35 year old man with short blonde hair, blue eyes, a southern accent, and wearing brown leather aviator goggles on his forehead, a white band-aid on the right side of his head near his eyebrow, a dark gray short-sleeved shirt underneath a dark blue long-sleeved aviator jacket with the sleeves rolled up and the sleeve rims colored white, a white aviator scarf around his neck, brown leather arm aviator gloves for males, a black belt, dark olive green cargo pants, and brown leather boots and sometimes carried a lance and even a small toothpick in his mouth. He is Cid Highwind. As they met up, Cloud’s group flatly glared at Sora’s group’s struggles, and Cloud spoke up)

Cloud: Need help?

Riku: We don’t need your help!

Brick: So, thanks!

Cid: Then why are you outnumbered?

Riku: Still don’t need your help!

(Suddenly, a Globlin snatched Sora’s group up. Cloud’s group sighed in calm agitation while Yuffie groaned in annoyance and flew after them to save Sora’s group)

Tifa: Why can’t you accept groupwork?!

Sora: Why should we?

Roxas: We can take care of ourselves!

Boomer: And we can fight alone!

Butch: Yeah! It’s cool!

Barret: Yo! How do you not get this?!

Vincent: You boys are not the only ones working on this team, you know.

Brick: (Pointing at the Globlin carrying Sora’s group) Why not yell at them for a change, Cloud’s group?

(Cid scoffs and then attacked the Globlin carrying Sora’s group with his lance)

Cid: What are we supposed to do with those boys?

(The Globlin just snarled at him)

Cid: You know what? You’re right! You got your own problems!

(He struck the Globlin with his lance, making the Globlin release Sora’s group and making them fly again while the Globlin that Cid attacked fall down to the ground)

Cloud: Sora, Riku, and Roxas, you and your friends are Forest Warriors! You know how important this training is!

Roxas: You know what? Maybe we’re not cut out to be Forest Warriors like you.

Yuffie: Well, whether you like it or not, you guys are cut out for it!

Aerith: I just wish you would do what we say.

Cloud: So either defeat these two other Globlins and come back to Castle Equestria, or you’re done!

(Cloud’s group then fly ahead of Sora’s group)

Sora: So, you’re not helping us?

Red XIII/Nanaki: Just did.

Cait Sith: Now fight them!

(And with that, Cloud’s group left. Sora’s group looked in surprise at what Cloud’s group just did to them and then noticing the two Globlins coming to attack, fought them)

Coming up: The Mane Seven and Sonic’s groups consult Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks about their discovery above the canopy, only after a lesson on how to grow plant-life from a seed, Squall, Rinoa, and Sticks reassure them that everything is fine with Myotismon and his army not involved. Meanwhile, three human girls named Kairi, Namine, and Xion move in with Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls after the three sisters’ inheritance granted them the move after their mother’s passing. Then Utonium, his koala/dog-like alien pet, Stitch, and the six girls spend some quality time cleaning the house up.

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